Smartphone Tips: Get the Most Out of iOS 7

In our last edition we talked about a useful Android tip. This time around our focus is on the sleek and beautiful iOS 7!

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Keep track of your recent locations.

Do you know that you can keep track of your frequently visited places thanks to the Maps? You can get a map view by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services (scroll down) -> Frequent Locations. From here you can also allow Apple Maps to improve location based predictions based on your frequently visited places!

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App of the Month: BIA Flight Information (English)

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In our April newsletter we featured Sri Lanka Postal tracking – a useful app for Sri lankans who rely on parcel posts. This month we present another useful app for the frequent fliers who use the Bandaranaike International Airport often. It is the “BIA Flight Information (English)” app.

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Nokia X – Gadget of the Month

Android runs on more than 70 percent of the smartphones on earth. Given the fact that global smartphone sales have started to overtake that of feature phones, it is indeed a huge number. But Android or the closest rival Apple’s iOS were not heard of, few years back. What came to our mind when we thought about mobile phones, was Nokia. Yes, the build quality of the hardware and the simplicity of the operating system made Nokia the preferred choice of people around the world during the pre-smartphone era.

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Affordable smart devices are the way forward!

Welcome back to Etisalat It’s About Gadgets. In our last edition we talked about how the battle of the flagship devices is continuing to gain momentum every day. But an important fact is flagship devices account to a limited percentage of the smartphone sales around the world. In other words, not everyone uses or can afford to buy a flagship device. What fuels the rise of smart devices in developing countries like Sri Lanka is the “affordability” factor. According to a market research, feature phone sales have started to drop in the Sri Lankan market whereas the smartphone sales have actually doubled in 2013 compared to 2012. Affordable entry level and mid range smart phones have played a huge role in this development.

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HD Voice in Etisalat Sri Lanka Network

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Etisalat introduces a nationwide superior voice quality technology known as HD voice.  So first of all what is this new technology we have integrated into our 3G network for our customers to use?

What is HD Voice?

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Its About Gadgets: The Battle of the Flagships Continues..

Welcome back to Etisalat It’s About Gadgets, There’s no limit for interesting stuff in the tech scene. Last time we discussed about the then newly released Android KitKat. As of now, KitKat runs on more than 5% of Android devices worldwide, according to a report. Apart from that we did not see much new stuff from the software world. But we sure have seen greatly improved , and equally exciting hardware offerings from many manufacturers.

samsung S5 Sri Lanka

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LG G Flex | Gadget of the Month

LG G Flex Sri Lanka

In an era dominated by smartphones, it is not unusual to see many new features being added to smartphones everyday. Today’s features may look outdated in no time due to multiple manufacturers coming up with something new on a daily basis. Well, these improvements are mostly about hardware specs or the “inside stuff”. But there’s something, we rarely see that changes often. It is the “design” of the device. Devices that give equal importance to specs and design are quite rare and hence have a huge demand.

And our device of the month, LG G Flex is one such device that packs power and beauty in a single handset.

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Sri Lanka Postal Tracking | App of The Month

In our last edition, we featured the official CSE app for Android. If you are someone who has interests on the operations at the Colombo Stock Exchange, you will find it really useful. This month, we present “Sri Lanka Postal Tracking” – another useful app for the Android users in Sri Lanka .

Sri Lanka Postal Tracker Android App

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Enabling Google Now on Android kitKat, in Sri Lanka | Smartphone Tips:

Google Now is undoubtedly one of the best features of Android. From the day of introduction, Google has improved the service with loads of features. But, something strange happened when Google launched Android KitKat few months ago. In various international locations including Sri Lanka, Google Now disappeared. The Toggle to enable Google Now also went missing. After so many work arounds, we finally found a functional workaround to enable Google Now, in three steps, thanks to Android enthusiasts.

Google Now Sri Lanka


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Android Opens a Sweet New Chapter With KitKat!

Welcome back to “It’s about gadgets” monthly post which gives you a sneak peek into what’s hot and brewing in the ever expanding gadget world! Well, we are witnessing some interesting developments in the mobile world these days. Devices are getting better with the day and so are, the operating systems. Google’s Android is also becoming the dominating mobile OS around the world. Being the leading operating system requires constant improvements and that’s exactly what Google is aiming to do with their newest version of the Android OS, named KitKat! The revolutionary changes started when Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a Android 4.0 was launched. We then saw great improvements in user experience with Jellybean on Android 4.1 to 4.3. The KitKat update or the Android 4.4 aims to take that improved user experience to the masses.


Launch of KitKat Along With Nexus 5

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